Movember, will I make it?

Movember It’s been 14 days without shaving, still can’t stand it, but I can make it 17 more days to raise money for men’s issues. I’m hoping someday we’ll focus beyond cancer funds, and make it more about men’s rights in general, without making people feel like us men are misoginists, but more partners that want to raise children and be “Men of Honor.”

They Might Be Aging. (Me too)

On this date 25 years ago They Might Be Giants released their first album, They Might Be Giants (The Pink Album). I remember buying this one at the record store. I don’t remember having to be careful riding home on my bike with it, so I must have bought at the one close enough to our neighborhood I could walk to. Can you believe it? I actually had to get off the couch to buy music!

Here’s the videos that convinced me I needed the album, had to get those when I could, waiting to see them on MTV.

Ten Years

So this week we have ten years of the Patriot Act, Windows XP and the iPod  (No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.)




Buy the ticket, take the ride.